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A little bit about me…

I was born in Sydney, 3 days prior to Christmas in ’94 and with my twin brother hot on my heels, quite literally!

Given our Mother, who emigrated from Scotland to Australia when she was 12, had been a long distance runner, and our Father, being raised in Fairfield (NSW) with a rich Italian heritage, were our Parents, both my brother and I could be excused for thinking we were destined to be footballers… even more so whilst sharing a birthday with Giuseppe Bergomi; a famous Italian footballer and coach!

That’s what I thought, anyway… When I consider how my career started, I guess it was a little different to how it is now… I don’t have my twin brother following my every move, anymore, that’s for sure!

My passion for football started to evolve when I was only five years old. I genuinely recall a pure love for the game and a lot of joy in the way it made me feel when I played.

It’s been well documented that I have said I experienced setbacks on the grounds that I didn’t have the ‘size’… for me, I don’t believe I ever would have had the drive to continue to work harder and harder to make that next step hadn’t it been for the love of the game that I still feel every time I walk out onto a pitch to represent my club or country.

Almost 20 years later, my inner 5 year old is still as passionate about the game today and, in my opinion, my footballing journey has only really just begun.

The sport has taught me many things, but the best life lessons are learnt through experience. They shape/test you to be the person you are. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice and a whole lot of resilience. All that said, there are moments where you can question yourself…

In 2014, and at 19 years old, I stepped away from the game.

It had become hard for me to continue to love a game that I felt – at that time – wasn’t giving me anything back to me. I started to resent it for ‘taking away my childhood’. Well, at least, what I thought was a ‘normal’ childhood.

I had spent hours and hours training, driving myself harder and harder, doing everything right and felt as if I was simply getting nothing in return for the effort and my dreams were fading away… I lost many friends over missed birthdays, events and functions, all in the hope that one day I would represent my country. To play for the Matildas was my ‘Everest’, and I just couldn’t see a way to the top.

To this day, the decision to step away was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. I backpacked around the world and focussed on everything aside from football… in doing so, I learnt so much about myself as a person and a footballer. I absolutely love the concept of getting lost in a culture and being open minded to a different way of life. Something so different to what I know.

After I returned to Australia, I just felt ‘different’. It’s now to say I probably matured through travelling, however at the time I would have labelled it ‘confident’, perhaps… either way, I started training again with purpose and with a freedom I hadn’t experienced before.

Today, I’m pretty cuffed to call myself a Matilda…

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Chloe Logarzo is a forward who has made great headway in her career. Having started her career with Sydney FC in the Westfield W-League 2011/12 season, Chloe made 48 appearances for the Sky Blues scoring 11 goals.

Her talent has seen her playing club football overseas for teams in Sweden, Norway and the USA. Internationally Chloe has 13 caps for the Matildas and additionally played for the Young Matildas.

Career Journey


Sydney FC

Appearances 11 / Goals 3


Avaldsnes I.L

Appearances 13 / Goals 0


Eskilstuna Unlimited

Appearances 10 / Goals 2


Newcastle Jets

Appearances 10 / Goals 1


Colorado Pride

Appearances 10 / Goals 8


Sydney FC

Appearances 48 / Goals 11



Australian Representative (Matildas)

Appearances 37 / Goals 6


W-League Player of the Year

Sydney FC


W-League Rookie of the Year

Sydney FC


W-League Championship

Sydney FC


Captain - Australian Under 20

AFF Women’s Championship


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